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Let’s say you’re piloting a tiny airplane to a holiday hotspot. The travelers anticipate that you will land the airplane securely and without incident.

Visitors have the same expectations for your articles whenever they visit a link.

Meet their expectations to gain their trust, grow the conversion rate, and build credibility by guaranteeing their landing plus remaining on your website.

10 Traits of Quality Landing Pages (and Websites Too!)

  1. Relevance: The most important quality is the relevance a landing page or webpage has to the post or page that the consumer arrived from. This really is important whenever search engines are taken into consideration. Like us, search engines should guarantee a advantageous consumer experience by providing search results relevant to the user’s search question. Hence, the content is indexed by relevance plus possibly booted whenever irrelevant.
  2. Navigation: Ease of use plus intuitive navigation are paramount. Skip difficult techniques like pop-ups or different techniques which either prevent or delay the consumer from exiting the url or landing page. Let fresh content be the key attraction to keep visitors on site plus motivate their return.
  3. Transparency: Create an “About Us” page on your site which is accessible from a landing page. Illustrate the what, where, when, and why of the company or service plus include photos of the key members of the company. Be transparent plus include background info about the organization to build trust.
  4. FAQ: Develop a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page about the webpage to expect issues regarding any goods, services, etc. you offer. This might aid leverage a credibility and you may become a point of reference for the audience.
  5. Blog: Establish a blog to heighten the exposure, in addition to provide the visitors insight into the character of you or the company. Putting a face plus tone to a name is a good method to establish a relationship with the visitors.
  6. Opt-In: Give visitors a reason to return and stay in touch with you and your business or service with a universal opt-in to build a list of subscribers for newsletters or alerts to new posts, ebooks, specials, etc.
  7. Shop: If you have items for sale on your website:
    • Safety: Ensure a secure payment system. Anytime credit card info is requested, customers are naturally suspicious. Try reliable brands, like PayPal.
    • Security: Obtain rights to include safety seals from reputable online customer security programs like the Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, and/or SSL certificate services to confirm further security.
    • Service: Include a customer support contact page or contact link to guarantee visitors could address issues or supply comments/concerns.
    • Quality: Include top-quality pictures of the products; take it a step further with close-ups plus size comparisons when appropriate.
    • Transparent: Clearly document the Return and Refund Policy.


  8. Feedback: Offer a page where visitors could post suggestions or ratings. Reviews and suggestions might eventually further the credibility plus grow audience involvement.
  9. Content: Related to 1 and 5, providing special plus relevant content is key to building a fast audience (plus fast customers), and improving a ranking with search engines. Be consistent plus useful by providing fresh content regularly.
  10. Overall: Consider the total aesthetics. Compare a webpage or landing page to sites or landing pages you’ve visited – both credible plus dubious. Does yours look credible? Does it function correctly? If not, establish an total well-designed, user-friendly, and trustworthy site or landing page. Trust is everything!

Visitors anticipate an conveniently navigable, wealthy, relevant, standard link. Assist create their landing secure by utilizing these 10 great attributes to amazing landing pages plus sites.

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