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A Common Sense Approach to Website Promotion

website promotion

Social media. You better sit down for this one. After a website is created, you have to tell people about it. Social media is the best way to to it. Shocking, right? It’s not surprising, but in a such a fast paced world it is easy to forget or overlook the simplest things.

Be sure to include your website in all online profiles and participate in these communities. If you create a new blog post, share a link on Facebook, tweet about it, and utilize the social sharing buttons embedded on eery post. It may feel a little crude to +1 or Digg your own content, but there is nothing wrong with being proud of your work and it encourages others to do the same.

For the most part, social media has replaced mass emails and provided a platform for easily fostering connections. Make the most of it and have some fun while you’re at it. Your presence on social media helps define who you are and exposes you to new people you may not have encountered in any other circumstance.


Join a blogging network. If you have to pay to be included on a blog network, forget it. Paid for networking sites are a violation of Google’s Terms of Service and can crush your site’s ranking and cause it to be deindexed entirely from search engines. That is definitely not worth the risk. However, there are reputable blog networks out there that will enhance your sites visibility and provide a forum to engage in conversations with other bloggers. Look for one that is a good fit for your website and actively participate in the community for maximum benefits.


Make unique contributions to other sites. An excellent way to boost your visibility is to propagate the web with original content. A multitude of Web 2.0 properties are out there to help you expand your reach as well as promote your website. The key is to create unique, high quality contributions.

Search engines penalized duplicate content because it appears as spam. Despite supporting your primary website, these posts should also be able to stand on their own. Uploading photos to Flickr and videos to YouTube can also help drive a considerable amount of traffic to your website if they are done well.


Link to other sites.  A great way to enhance your content and build relationships with other websites is to post external links.

Many times, when you share a link to someone’s content they will visit your post. If they enjoy what they find, they may become a regular visitor or even link back to your content in the future. However, you cannot do this willy nilly. The link should be relevant to the content you are posting.

Link building has benefits beyond increased traffic, it is also a great way to generate ideas for content. Everyone is creatively blocked at some point and exploring others ideas is a a great way to get your own ideas flowing. Be inspired by another and add something meaningful to the conversation.

Sometimes we forget the most common sense steps for promoting websites. All of the tools are at your finger tips it is just a matter of the time and effort to use them. Taking part in global conversations across the web will do much more than enrich your site, it will in enrich your life.


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